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Why Organized?

Nepal is a country where time is almost irrelevant. The Nepali people generally take their time in getting things done. They are quite used to sitting around for hours waiting for paperwork to be processed. They are equally as prepared to wait for days for a delayed flight or a broken down bus. While this is a part of the life and experience of Nepal, travelers on a tight schedule and/or a tight budget may find these delays frustrating, stressful and a possible detraction from the enjoyment of their time in Nepal. Having your itinerary organized by a local trekking company such as Different Treks can give you peace of mind while we sort out any hassles. We like to ensure that your holiday experience in our beautiful country is one of good memories by having:

  • No waiting for seats on buses or planes [allowing of course for weather conditions – it does snow here!].
  • All permits organized in advance.
  • All entry fees, trekking fees pre-paid.
  • Alternative itinerary, accommodation or transport arranged if you encounter bad weather, cancelled flights etc.
  • No problems with food or water – all prepared hygienically by your cook and kitchen crew.
  • No heavy packs to carry.
  • A guaranteed place to sleep each night.
  • Camping, cooking and eating essentials provided.
  • Supplies and staff hassles dealt with by the Sirdar.
  • Close contact with Nepali people through your crew.
  • Interaction with village people with song and dance evenings.
  • No time wasted in taking wrong trails and having to backtrack.
  • The opportunity to make lifelong friendships with Guide and porters having a well earned rest members of the trekking crew.
  • Access to trekking trails not usually frequented by trekkers.
  • Great evening entertainment with other trekkers often joining in with your group.
  • The satisfaction of contributing to the local economy through the employment of the trekking crew, purchasing of food and other essentials.
  • No waiting around for the paperwork.


There are a plenty of ways in which your trekking in Nepal can be organized . You will need to take into consideration the time available, your budget, experience and personal preference. You can travel on your own or in a small group making all your own arrangements, join a group when you arrive, book with a trekking company in advance or on arrival, carry all of your own gear or hire porters/guides to help you and you can trek using tea-houses, camping or a combination of both.

We at Different Treks can organize your trek to your requirements for your maximum enjoyment at a very reasonable cost. We use experienced crew at all times and insure our crew against loss of earnings as a result of accident. Working with bureaucracy can be a very time consuming affair; we can save you that time which leaves you more time to enjoy what you came for – Nepal !


Tip: Bring a photocopy of your passport’s main page and visa.


Contact us by telephone, fax or Email when you have decided on the type of trip you wish to do. We will arrange all those necessary but time consuming details this end. On confirmation of your booking, we will require a 25% deposit. For your convenience and security, this can be paid into a direct deposit account. Details will be sent when you make your booking.

You will need to arrange:


  1. Your transport to and from Kathmandu
  2. Your Nepal Visa
  3. Your travel/medical insurance (including rescue cover)

About Cost

There are many variables which we take into consideration when costing your trek. To include them all in this page would make it very confusing. We suggest that you complete and send the booking/enquiry form and we will get back to you with a quote for your planned trip.
Be assured that Different Treks will give you value for your money. We pride ourselves on providing experienced, well equipped crew and in paying them a fair wage with good comprehensive insurance cover. You will always get the best available food and accommodation during your trek. If you can organize a party of eleven or more persons, the organizer goes free (excluding international fares and normally excluded items as per list).

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